Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mr. Glue

To the tune of "Mr. Blue" by the Fleetwoods

I'm not a good race horse, I know

I always run caboose

I never did win, place, or show

It seems I'm bound to lose

My odds aren't very hopeful at 195-2

So if you decide to lose money, bet on Mr. Glue

I'm Mr. Glue

An overweight gelding

Out on the track with a stooped back

And a nasty limp too

Call me Mr. Glue

I'm Mr. Glue

Ran last at the Derby

Just wandered around with my nose to the ground

My days of racing is through

Call me Mr. Glue

I am a bonafide

Victim of equicide

Glue factory: that will be my next ride

Call me Mister

I'm telling you

My prognostication

Stuck in last, sticking to my past

Lots of sticking to do

When they change me to glue

Call me Mr. Glue


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