Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pounds of Pilons

To the tune of "Sounds of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel

Hello thruway traffic jam
I've crossed paths with you again
Forty miles slowly creping
Maybe some jackass up there's sleeping
But men in hardhats and orange vests explain
Why the strain
As they lay down the pilons

On a crowded street I drive alone
It might be faser to walk home
Under the glare of a street lamp
A single spot in the road encamped
When my eyes were fixed on the flash of blinking lights
That said "Veer right
"Avoid the pounds of pilons"

And in a thruway sign I saw
"Construction here 'til '24"
People driving without moving
People employed without working
The Union provides that one man works while fourteen stare
No one dares
Disturb the pounds of pilons

When I'll be home I do not know
The back-up like a cancer grows
Hear the hammer that it might taunt you
Watch the sun set that it might haunt you
The weekend's moments, like misty raindrops fell
Echoed the hell of pilons

And the people there grounded stayed
Right there stuck in line for days
Construction came on without warning
Fifty-two lanes into one forming
And the linestayed until the works of the county had been fulfilled
As it was willed
By the pounds of pilons


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