Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dobie Gray

To the Tune of "Drift Away" by Dobie Gray

A day in the life of yesterday's news
I wait for the bus in the pouring rain
This ain't the life that I would choose
Finances are strained
Back is in pain

Oh, give me some street love and green back dough
I once was a star singing rock-n-roll
I'm Dobie Gray
If you play it in B, then I'm in control
I know that I was born to sing rock-n-roll
I'm Dobie Gray

Beginning to think
I'll lose my mind
Sick of takin' bus 42
And the ride to the assembly line
There's buttons to screw
What can I do?


And when my mind is free
Mem'ries of the '70's improve me
When I'm not on the stage
Monotony and rage consume me

Thanks for the times you've given me
Pay me a fee and I'll sing you a song
Because that's the way it used to be
I can sing strong
The Drift Away song


Come on and pay me
Oh pay me


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