Sunday, June 01, 2008

O Sleep

O Sleep, O Sleep Where can you be?
You haven’t come, it’s half past three
I toss, I turn, I lie, I sweat
But you ain’t poked your head in yet

It’s late, it’s late, I have to rest
Tomorrow I have to be at my best
I have a meeting with my boss
He’s under pressure and is sure quite cross

Why do you think this concerns me?
You were too cheap to fix your AC
So now you sweat under your fan
An d count the ticks from your clock’s hand

And you are you complaining, fool?
Don’t you remember your mama’s rule?
Don’t drink no soda after lunch
Or you won’t sleep when evening comes

O Sleep, O Sleep, time marches on
There’s no repose before the dawn
Although in darkness and silence wrapped
My thoughts forbid one single nap

It’s late, it’s late; it’s almost light
I’ve gone and wasted this whole night
Now I’m too tired to work or think
Could you not spare one single wink?

Why do you point your wrath at me?
You are your own worst enemy
I didn’t bring those thoughts to light
Your conscience bellows in the night

O Sleep, O Sleep just go away
The alarm rings in another day
I guess I’ll keep myself upright
With coffee ‘til I get home tonight

Poor man, poor man, why think you so?
As if you don’t already know
Your eyes are heavy, your gait is tired
I’ll come to work and get you fired


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